About Me

Cruising With Caite is a travel & photography blog dedicated to providing helpfup tips, tricks, and amazing information for those who are curious.

Every post that is published on here is written with you and helping solve your problems in mind. I not only want to share the information I find and create with you, I also want to share other people(s) that are super helpful and fun in what they’re posting!

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If you’re curious to know more about the author, Caite (Caitlyn), I’d be happy to tell you about myself.

I am currently a Biology major studying at the University of Oklahoma. I have a childhood passion for writing, photography, and a relatively new passion for traveling that I would like to share with you.

I’ve spent the better part of a year saying to myself, “I want to start a blog, but I’m just too busy and can’t find the time”. That may still be true, but I am going to put my all into this and give people something worth reading, something to love!

I’ve traveled a lot throughout the States and twice internationally, so you could perhaps guess I have a lust to write about travel. I decided to add my passion for taking pictures to writing about travel and will create content that also relates to traveling photography, not just travel or photography separately!

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Curacao 2015